Greenhouse Emissions / Carbon

Video: Estimating the financial risks of gamba grass to carbon abatement projects in northern Australia

A short video produced by the Northern Australia Hub of the National Environmental Research Program about the potential for weeds to threaten carbon offset programs. Researchers have identified gamba grass and other invasive weeds as a potential threat to landholder involvement in environmental offset programs such as the Carbon Farming Initiative.

Kimberley Land Council - Carbon Farming Methodologies video

Produced by the Kimberley Land Council, this video explains the types of, and rules associated with, projects available to landholders in the Kimberley region of WA under the Carbon Farming Initiative. Carbon farming projects allow landowners to earn money for projects that cut down the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the air.

Kimberley Land Council - Savanna Fire Management video

This video, prepared by the Kimberley Land Council, outlines the North Kimberley Fire Management Project currently running under the Carbon Farming Initiative. The video includes Dambimangari Traditional Owners and rangers talking about how the project runs, undertaking savanna burning on country to generate carbon credits from early dry season burning

Land management for emissions offsets on Indigenous lands

This report describes research on the possible generation of greenhouse gas offsets derived from Indigenous land management. Land management practices can sequester carbon or change emissions regimes, and with access to markets, a change in carbon stocks or emissions may be sold as an offset. Biophysical, economic, and institutional conditions set limits to these possibilities. (Heckbert et al., 2008). The report can be downloaded from this site (PDF 2.61 MB)