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Northern Fire Manager contains over 3,000 resources that span many topics and regions across the North of Australia. Resources range from project case studies and organisation profiles to individual fire responses for a range of plant species.

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Latest resources

Burnt area visualisation with Sentinel 2 Satellite imagery using Saga GIS

This five and a half minute video shows how you can download high resolution Sentinel 2 Satellite images from the Remote Pixel website ( and then use the free SAGA GIS software ( to highlight burnt areas. It also compares these images with similar ones from Landsat 8.

The NAFI Hotspot Animation tool – an example from a large Kimberley fire

This short video shows how you can use the NAFI ( animation tool for older hotspots to visualise the spread of a fire. A large fire from September and October 2016 in the Kimberley region is used as an example.


For more information on this animation tools and other tools for planning you can download this help pdf from the NAFI site.

Earth:: website for viewing wind conditions

This website displays a global map that displays near-real-time wind flows, ocean current flows etc. as swirling, animated streaks. Can be useful for visualising wind strength and direction at a broad, landscape scale.

Hints: Double-click a point on the map to zoom in. Zoom in is limited. Click earth to see control panel. To see current wind conditions make sure Control=Now, Mode = Air, Height=Sfc, Overlay=Wind. The overlay is a guide to wind strength.