Northern Fire Manager is a place to find and share resources for land managers working in northern Australia.

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Everyone is welcome to contribute to Northern Fire Manager. If you've got a link, a PDF, article text or just an idea you'd like to share with other fire managers please contribute it to the website.

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Northern Fire Manager contains over 3,000 resources that span many topics and regions across the North of Australia. Resources range from project case studies and organisation profiles to individual fire responses for a range of plant species.

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Latest resources

NAFI Website - Downloading Fire Data

It can be useful to display the NAFI fire maps alongside your own maps of tracks, fence-lines, significant areas etc. for planning your fire management. One way to do this is to download the NAFI maps into a mapping program like Google Earth, QGIS or ArcGIS. With these programs you can then upload your own information. The NAFI site offers a few different ways to download data under the Download Data tab.

NAFI Website - Viewing Fire History

Viewing Fire History

It can be useful to know the history of burning in an area. The tools for this are found in the View Fire History menu – click the tab under the banner.

You should then see the left hand menu with the tools for viewing fire history. 

Show Fire History   allows you to view patterns of fire frequency or time since burnt across the period 2000-present year. This can be useful for identifying long-term fire patterns.